my @fronteriors cabinet

We have been working around to clock to get my new business up and running. Yet, believe it or not, there has not been an upgrade with @fronteriors in my own house yet. Typical right?
It was time to make my own order to enable me to upgrade my existing IKEA BESTA cabinet. Because first of all, I was dying to finally bring those gorgeous cane doors into my living room. But I also wanted to see if it is really as easy as we say it is.
There was only one way to test my own product (and relationship…). And that was by asking my dear husband (aka @LiveLoudBoy) to take on this project.

Out with the BESTA doors…

Our BESTA has seen many spaces. In our old house it was in the master bedroom, used as storage for bedding. Now it is in the living room as storage for books, dinner ware and random bits. Although the white finish made it very versatile, I was ready for a change. This room needs a statement piece. And that is what @fronteriors is all about. Upgrading affordable furniture to something you absolutely love.

In with @fronteriors

We only needed a morning slot, a screwdriver and a coffee. @LiveLoudBoy started by removing the existing cabinet doors. Only tool needed: a screwdriver. Then he had to simply add the hinges to the @fronteriors doors and click them into place.
It took him only 40 minutes to change all doors. And with this the total look of this cabinet. I added some accessories on the top to make the look complete.

A successful test! I am loving my upgraded IKEA furniture and our relationship is still solid. It is so nice to finally have my own @fronteriors piece in the house. I can assure you, you will see more of this in upcoming installations. Let us know which look you would like to see!

SHOP THE LOOK: White IKEA BESTA Cabinet | @fronteriors Cane Beige doors |Burgundy Catcooee Ball vase | Pink print by The Poster Club | Milk jug ‘A’ by Design Letters |

IKEA BESTA cabinet
cane @fronteriors doors
the new look
cane @fronteriors doors


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