As stylists, we are all about getting some inspiration during the vacation. We love traveling, finding new materials, styles and trends. And we can’t keep ourselves from visiting interior shops and markets when we are abroad. Our holiday plans most always include staying in a capital city where our carefully planned lunch address (with a beautiful interior) is just coincidentally around the corner from a store that has been on the ‘must visit’ wishlist. Yes, gathering inspiration during our vacation is of a high priority.

A visits to Paris will always include a stop at Maison Sarah Lavoine for example. Their use of color makes my heart jump a beat. In New York, the place I was able to call home for a few years, pop up shops like Apartment by the Line were a way to make my school run a bit more interesting.

In The Netherlands we have our favorite stops as well. For sourcing we always visit The Archive Store. Meutt Vintage is a new discovered vintage filled place where I have scored some treasures for our new holiday home.
Yet in terms of inspirational places, we have a new number 1!
Casa Gitane in Amsterdam is what interior stylists dreams are made of. The set up, the colors and the materials are like our milk and honey. Especially as we have moved from designing kids rooms (back in 2015) to doing so much more.

Another must-see for interior enthusiasts like us is Pantoufle Design in Rotterdam. This store is filled with hand picked items, creating a very special vibe which we can best describe as when French market style meets Scandinavian simplicity. The whole store is beautifully styled. We could just move in here tomorrow.

At Live Loud Girl we are always out for a good dose of inspiration to translate into our designs. Currently on the agenda are the design of a beach bar and restaurant for a new hotel in Dubai and our own holiday home in The Netherlands. So bring on all that milk and honey, we can never get enough of it.

Do you have a store that you always need to visit? Let us know in the comments below or on Instagram!

Photo credits: top image Casa Gitane image 1 Casa Gitane | image chair Live Loud Girl | image 4-6 Pantoufle Design


Some big news! We bought a coastal holiday home in The Netherlands. Well actually it is a tiny villa on a holiday home park. Last Tuesday we received the keys to our new holiday home which is located in Zeeland, on the Dutch coast. Although we have gotten very spoiled in Dubai with the warm sea and the many beach days a year, going to a Dutch beach is still incredible. After 8 years living as expats, we are excited to own our place again in Holland.

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As the end of this year is quickly approaching, we want to take the chance to look back on a very successful, fun and inspiring 2017.
It was a year in which we had the chance to work on things that had been on our wish list for a long time. Letting them become a reality was mind blowing.

Some fun and colorful room installations kept us busy throughout the year.  And even though that is what we have been doing for the last four years, we can never get enough of it.

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We are back home! Back to normal life, routine, school lunches and sport bags. Yet to be honest, after 12 weeks of holiday, it’s kinda nice to be behind our computers  again with our trusted home brewed coffee.

As we mentioned to you earlier, we weren’t bored over the last few weeks. Because next to having quality time with family and friends, we paid our favorite shops back home a visit, for inspiration and sourcing as we are in de midst of a few exciting projects.

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