Originals. The real deal. A statement piece. That is what sums up design for us.

Investing in design is something most people don’t do overnight. It is is a process.
You might fall in love with a piece of design furniture when you are young and save up for it to finally call it your own many years after your first encounter. Or maybe you inherit a statement piece from a family member because you were always eying it. Whatever the story is, it is about surrounding yourself with furniture that you will love for the rest of your life.

In my own house I have invested in some originals that took me years to gather. My Eames lounge chair in the living room, my Pantone chair as a desk chair… all items that I still adore. Because originals do not get older – they become more loved.
Originals make your home, they follow us no matter where we live and they tell our story. Of course we  combine it with more affordable design, Ikea and vintage treasures gathered from travels. Yet these statement pieces is what makes it a whole.

In our installations you don’t always see design pieces because welcoming design into your home is so personal. Our job is to combine beautiful yet affordable  furniture and  expose clients to design. We want to show them what a statement piece can do to a room, how it can change the vibe of a space and create a beautiful home. As design is for all ages, for all styles and for all homes.

Vitra has been one of our major crushes so we are happy to be able to call some of their pieces ours. Because Vitra understands design. It is timeless, classic, combines with anything and never goes out of style. If you can affirmatively answer all of these questions, then my friends you are talking about a true Original.

If you are in Dubai, Check out the exposition The Orginals Comes – Stories about the power of good design – from Vitra at the Dubai Design Week







In my Instagram you might have seen that the hashtags #Movethatbus  #RentalHeaven and #Getridofuglytiles is still going strong. We have moved into our new rental house that luckily feels more like our own home then any of our previous houses. This time around we had the chance to decide on most of the finishes. Finishes that, to me make a big difference in how I feel about my home. Where rental houses often make it necessary to turn a blind eye towards ugly tiles, a hideous kitchen or an unidentifiable color on the wall, this house is the best one yet! A wooden floor (yeah!), a marble counter top (hurray!, grey simple kitchen cabinets and walls on which we can choose our on color (yessss!) make me so happy! For the first time, this is a place that I want to show off and trust me, I will!

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For us, styling a nursery is always a special project. Not only because it will be the first room for a newborn, it is also a place where parents spend time bonding with their baby making them memorable in style and design.

This particular room is one of the five rooms we were asked to design for a beautiful villa on Zaya Nurai Island. A dream project in size, creativity and variety allowing us to reflect the true Live Loud Girl style.

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It has been a while since we styled a playroom. And this one is quite a special one as it’s more of a playground. It is one of the rooms that we designed for the villa on Zaya Nurai Island, a large and beautiful open space with natural light and an arched entrance. Kids with the ages between 0 to 11 will be playing here so we could not wait to get started.

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