We are strong believers of celebrating life as much as possible. So when the day came the team was finally complete again since ages (which is a rare occasion as Roos is located in Cape Town) we decided to go all out and celebrate it with a team shoot. And so the Live Loud Girl team got in front of the camera.

The selection of photo’s reflects how we are as a team: far from perfect models with a serious uncomfortability in front of a camera, yet always keen to create a story. Each of us play their own part in the team with three common factors: the love for interior (design), the love for laughs (yes, we are all exceptionally good at laughing at our own jokes) and an affection for comfortable, yet beautiful fashion brands.
The scenes shot by talented fashion photographer Moez Achour are all ‘on the spot’ scenario’s which is the same way we work in installations and photo shoots. Our Dutch spontaneity makes us work best ‘in’ the moment, allowed by doing what we love and loving what we do.

Before you think that we all walk around like this every day, let me tell you that our gorgeous wardrobe was made possible by our partner Smallable. They have an incredible collection of (French) design wear with an edge. An edge that we think resonates how we are and how we want to present ourselves.

A good setting is half the work. As you might know, the Live Loud Girl team has recently moved into an office. Nasab is a members only work space and social club by the clever developers of Koa Canvas, designed to give creatives and entrepreneurs a home. We are a proud founding member of this beautiful and inspiring hub, it has everything we need. As you can see in the photo’s, the interior design and decor is absolutely stunning. Wooden floors, high windows, steel and marble, all elements that have always been on our office wish list. Not to mention the additional available spaces for doing photo shoots and event styling.

Everything that we do at Live Loud Girl is made possible by clients that trust us, loyal partners who dare to collaborate with us and people out there who follow us. We are very grateful and hope to keep inspiring and therefore raise our coffee and carrot cake to many more years of doing so!

Shop the look by Smallable:

Chloe Stora Powder Pink velvet trousers | Jumper 1 2 3 4 Striped Jumper | Fete Imperiale Jumpsuit | Modetrotter Joachim Baseball Jacket | Modetrotter Ochre trousers | Modetrotter Tony trousers green | Modetrotter swimsuit silver | Suzie Winkle Gilda Dress | Suzie Winkle Fuchsia silk shirt | Laurence Bras Blush jumper | Laurence Bras Green Mohair Cardigan | Come Midi Velvet Dress | Vanessa Bruno black blouse | Margaux Lonnberg Yellow Velvet Trousers

Photography Moez Achour | Styling Live Loud Girl



All the cliches about kids that grow up too fast are true. Yet I enjoy having big boys lounging around the house with their funny conversations and ever growing arms and legs. Arms and legs that love wearing some Bobo Choses loungewear.

Although winters in Dubai are like summers in Europe, we do enjoy our fair share of winter clothes. Our Dutch genes make our legs want to wear jeans, sweat pants and socks. But comfort is key, especially when it comes to boys clothing and the best thing about Bobo Choses is that it is both that and fun. This brand always surprises us with their playful, graphic and colorful designs.

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Whilst our installations are a bit on the back burner due to the summer holiday, our creativity is on full speed.
The best thing about having a break from our very fun yet intense styling jobs is that there is more time for visiting stores abroad, sucking up every little bit of inspiration we come across and meeting other creatives.

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Starting this summer with sort of a big deal. We were approached by ZARA to shoot for their new SPRING SUMMER 18 campaign – The Sun and Sand editorial.

Key elements in the briefing were wild, natural and a summer environment with details like stone, wood and sand. My boys are wearing the Zara boys new collection which with their terracotta shades and soft cotton and linen materials are perfect for outdoor summer adventures.

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