With our latest installation done and dusted, a break from the heat in Dubai and our current holiday back home to see family, it almost feels like things are back to normal.
However, we are very aware that this is not the case. And although the COVID crisis is not perse something interior styling related, we have (had) a lot to do with it as entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneurs world wide, big or small, profitable or passionate, commercial or hobbyists, are suffering big time. So whilst people around us are now enjoying a restaurant visit and weekend away again, we do feel that we need to be aware of what is still going on in other parts of the world. And maybe more so; what is still to come.

Entrepreneurship is often born out of just needing to explore. Having two businesses myself (Live Loud Girl and Fronteriors), I know it is something I just needed to do. And the only way to make it work is putting in ten times the effort, the hours and the energy that you anticipated.
It took me 7 years to get to where we are today. Without knowing what the future in a damaged economy will bring, I am lucky that we could stay afloat and keep the team onboard. If I would have lived somewhere else, that might not have been the case and I could have lost everything just in the last few months.

Our team member Roos lives in South Africa. South Africa today is currently one of the hardest hit countries. After being in lockdown for 132 days (and counting) the economy is suffering. Hard! The endless amount of small enterprises, coffee establishments, restaurants, creative initiatives have had to close their doors due to the regulations to flatten the curve. Yet without customers, but with rent and staff to pay, they are now closing down one by one. This is leaving behind a trail of entrepreneurs with shattered dreams, suppliers that are out of business and staff members (often bread winners) without an income.

No one has an idea of where this is going and what the long term implications will be. Entrepreneurs who still have a business will have to be innovative and clever, those who lost a job will have to work harder then ever to get back into the game.

Luckily, we won’t have to sit back and do nothing.
Starting today, we can support small businesses.
Slow down and shop from your local baker, butcher and munger. Get your new summer outfit form a small designer and your bag from a passionate craftsmen. Be sure to go out for some lovely long lunches or romantic dinners not only for yourself, but to show restaurateurs you want them to get through this. With that meal you will be supporting a business, the staff and numerous suppliers.
Let’s do something for those fellow entrepreneurs, especially for those who are unfortunate due to circumstances beyond their reach. Even if it is just a shout out on your social media.

For those who want to go a step further, look around if there is a charity that you can help. Either with your time, your money or just by putting them in the lime light. Use your voice and network to get attention to a project that is close to your heart. Because if you are in the position to help- in any way – this is the time!

A few projects close to our hearts: Sandwich making for Ladles of Love | Coffee shop for charity | Naazneens Soup Kitchen | Photo credits: Simplylifephotographs

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  1. Berna Clapano September 12, 2020

    Interesting article. Nice photos. Keep it up.


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