The whole Live Loud Girl team will soon be packing a suitcase for a nice long summer holiday and escape from the Dubai heat.
All three of us have different plans, itineraries and destinations. So we thought it would be fun to share some of the things that we are looking forward to doing, finding and  some accessory essential.

Don’t panic, we will still be very active. Our social channels don’t have holidays, ever. And definitely stay tuned on our blog since we will be sharing lots of summer inspiration over the coming 2 months.

Linda packed her travel bag already so she will kick off with her summer wishlist:

1. I will be spending most of my time in the Netherlands, with a brief stop in Paris, then the south of France for a family holiday

2. My summer must have is a monochrome short of Cecile Copenhagen

3. If this Sam’s Munster kids hat is not in the suitcase I’m…He wears his hats everywhere and always

4. The kids will be taking their favorite Lucky Boy Sunday Mouse Dolly

5. I won’t leave Amsterdam without a shopping at Hay and Big & Belg.

6. The magazine I will be reading is Milk. And the kilo’s on the way back are mainly magazines. I just love flicking through them for inspiration.

7 & 8. I’m looking forward to see want to see Camomile London at Playtime Paris

Happy holidays from the team,

Linda, Florien & Roos

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