Summer is definitely here. Where normally around this time of year we would spend our afternoons at the pool and the weekends at the beach, we are currently still stuck inside like the rest of the world.
But that is no reason to ignore the season. Because you can take the boy out of the summer but you can’t take the summer out of the boy!
So here we are, enjoying mellow mornings in the bedroom, weekend brunches in our own kitchen and lazy beach days in the lounge.

Our weekend staycations have slowly become the new normal. Where we were all scratching the doors in the first weeks, we have adapted and become more at ease with the situation. Where I have been busted without make up and still in gym gear at the end of the day, the boys dress themselves properly for their online school days during the week, and for chilling in the weekends.

To celebrate the season, we make an order from Smallable with a selection from Hundred Pieces for my ever growing kids. The main reason? They love this brand! The prints are swanky, the make comfortable and it lasts more than one season. They always seem to grab Hundred Pieces clothing from their wardrobe and you don’t hear me complaining. As a matter or fact, I happen to love their woman’s wear too. But most importantly in this strange time we are in: this brand screams summer all year round!

So even though we can’t wait to get out again to have a proper beach day, we will just stay put, chill out, relax indoors and work on our summer spirit and party tricks until we can go out again. But when we finally do so, we will at least be wearing proper summer gear!

SHOP THE LOOK by SMALLABLE: Navy t-shirt | Get up Stand up t-shirt |Hawaii Bermuda shorts | Funky socks | Cap | Red Shorts

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