Incy interiors brass bed with Jotun dip dye wallWe finished this spring season with a big bang, also known as the dreamy teenage girls room. A project that exited us so much that we could not wait to share it.

We always start with deciding on a color pallet. A ‘teen girls room’ is definitely not the same thing as a ‘girls room’ so we decided to combine a variation of soft blue and mint tones with white, naturals, black and gold.

A first timer is the Jotun dip dye wall. The effect turned out extremely cool and gives the room a boho touch.

The Langdon Ltd rug is also an eye catcher. The chevron rug has a golden tread gives the room a magical touch and style.
The Eden bed by Incy Interiors is completed with a combination of bed side tables, a Bloomingville pendant and a Mathilda Clahr leather strap by The Bowery Company to hold a magazine or book. Just a bit different.  The finishing touch: the dreamy cloud of lights.

The custom made campaign dresser has a subtle pink drawers and brass hardware. The glossy finish makes it a super chique and timeless piece of furniture. On the dresser a collection of beautiful prints from the Posterclub and a Dandymoon banner by MiniandBeau with some inspirational words and visuals.

Also custom made are the curtains which skim down to the floor. The lined linnen fabric in a morning mint shade are hung on an unfinished wooden rod and combined with brass hardware. Simple yet sophisticated. We would love to have this at home.

Back to boho chique now with the Byron Bay hanging chair. A great add for a teenager to chill out in. Some cushions and a Norsu pinkish sheepskin make it a cosy little nest.

To finish the room, we brought in some green in a basket. It brightens the place up and it makes the difference between a room for ‘a girl’ and the room for ‘the teen’.

mathilda clahr leather strap artw all with print from and miniwalla cushion detials byron bay hanging chair in teensroom cloud light dreamy teensroom projectdetails of curtain, linen details of campaign dresserPictures by Farooq Salik – Styling Live Loud girl


  1. Hebe June 29, 2015

    Love love love! Amazing details too!

    • Live Loud Girl June 29, 2015

      Lieverd! Dat is super leuk te horen uit jouw mond! Dank je wel!

  2. Luciana January 23, 2016

    Where are the lights from?

  3. Dixie February 19, 2016

    Can you tell me more about the cloud of lights? Did you make it or purchase? If you made it, how did you make it?

    • Live Loud Girl February 21, 2016

      hi there! The light is from Zoe Rumeaux. You could purchase it at thank you for visiting the blog!

      • Elizabeth December 3, 2016

        It is called the “Illuminated Cloud” in natural

  4. Lianne March 18, 2016

    Are you able to tel me more about the brass hardware used for the curtain rod? Looks amazing!

    • Live Loud Girl March 25, 2016

      hi Lianne, we used a rectangle wooden rod for the curtains and ordered the brass hardware in the US. It does really look amazing! Something special! You have an eye for detail 🙂

  5. Lianne March 28, 2016

    The brass hardware is awesome, are you able to tell me the company where you ordered them from? Thanks! 🙂

  6. Lii April 27, 2016

    It is gorgeous! My dream room and I am not even a teengirl!

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  8. Jane Gregson Walters May 28, 2016

    Where did you find the curtain poles and fixtures please?
    Thank you
    Jane. X

    • Live Loud Girl May 29, 2016

      hi jane,

      unfortunately can’t give all details on these jobs!

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  13. Marian March 16, 2017

    Hello. I am absolutely in love with the walls color. But could not find the paint you are talking about on the supplier’s website. Can you precise which type of paint and which color code? Thanks a mil’

    • Live Loud Girl March 19, 2017

      hi marian

      its an oldie.I think you should check the jotun color cart and find the type you like the most/ who comes close. Where do you live?

  14. Marian March 19, 2017

    I live in Belgium.
    How did you work the paint? Start with the darkest blue (might be Atlantic Pool from Jotun?) And gradually dilute it with white?

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