We are proud to share with you something that only a few years ago was far beyond our wildest dreams.

When we were asked to be the Art Director for styling the Jotun Kids Collection we knew it would push us to create something we had never done before, we knew we needed to think big. It gave us the opportunity to work with a great team of professionals and creatives. It allowed us to grow.

Every year Jotun launches new color pallets. This year’s Kids Collection is made with the help of children as they are the most creative ones around us. Based on their wild opinions, their favorite colors and imaginative stories, Jotun created three themes:

Once upon a time – Red, Blue and Teal – Purple dinosaur.

The eight colors of each theme form a beautiful pallet which was our starting point for the design. With online concept store Smallable as our exclusive partner for furniture and accessories we made nine settings for the collection.
The final design design, the production and seeing it all come together in these beautiful pictures makes us blush. The end result has exceeded our expectations.

This opportunity has showed us that doing what you love, following your instincts and lots of hard work pays off. We have been styling for the last 4 years and sometimes we still feel like rookies, crossing our fingers during a job. Yet working for Jotun and seeing the final result is nothing but humbling. Without the constant support of Jotun and their lovely team this would not have been possible.

Art Direction & Styling Live Loud Girl | Photography Maha Edde | Styling Items Smallable | Kids Fashion Styling Kristin Nystrom



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