09ca5666527ec052f6a675f6aea3a085Sometimes we have something in our mind and we can’t find it anywhere. A subtle nightstand, storage options in a certain color or an affordable solution to fine tune your kidsroom.
At moments like these, our DIY desire kicks in and we start to browse.

Now tell me, what did people do before Pinterest was there? For anyone that wants to get busy (and in some cases, dirty), head to our DIY board for some inspiration. You might just have a very creative and busy month ahead of you.

Since we are completely into the natural look of plywood nowadays we made a selection of our favorite plywood DIY’s. Final42(pp_w730_h1057) 04nursery-shelves-diy 97587ea72f248a642a4c0f28f7b9ccf2 7eeef047b33e38f16f937a32271ee818 DIYPlywoodDaybed5(pp_w730_h488) 1273249_216125908549964_1285244334_o1. VTWonen | 2. The Merry Thought | 3. Sarah Sherman Samuel | 4. Inside Out | 5. VTWonen | 6. Move Ur Art

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  1. Alice Collyer January 21, 2016

    Wonderfully simple and beautiful ideas. I’m always looking for inspiration and food for my diy/ design led brain. Thank you.


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