I know we are not the only ones out there with a stationary fetish. Although we do nearly everything digitally, we often nostalgically look back on the days when we were still carrying around an agenda and a note book. And since those moments are rare, we want it to be gorgeous.

We came across the Swedish design brand Mini Empire. With a range of some beautifully illustrated paper ware, they made our heart skip a beat. Their products are very refined, detailed yet with a humorous and edgy feel so that they work for styling nurseries, kids rooms and for the adults too.
Lucky for all of us they do more then paper ware alone. Mini Empire features a range of playful toys, quirky textile and funky kitchen ware.

For this occasion we would like to take you along on the road that leads to creating a cute shelfie as the Mini Empire products are just perfect for that. The vintagy feel that their label has to it, makes it blend in very easily. To illustrate that things don’t always need to be used as intended, we want to show you how the boys will be missing a few memory game cards as they look just perfect stuck to my wall to finish of the shelfie

Poster Africa, Wooden animals, Pop out paper mobile Mini Empire | Cars Pinch Toys | Deco Blue  Wall Jotun | Pillow Natti Natti





  1. Kenneth Surat February 10, 2017

    everything is so beautiful!!!

  2. Melissa February 16, 2017

    What a beautiful set up. So dreamy and magical
    Any idea who makes the moon crescent fairy lights?

    • Live Loud Girl February 21, 2017

      hi melissa, Its by Zoe Rumeau. Check out her instagram!


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