Beni ourain rugA few months ago we gave you a little sneek peak into our collaboration with Maison Saadah, developing a collection of ‘Live Loud Girl’ rugs. A dream come true for us as we have been huge fans of these Moroccan Beni Ourain hand made rugs.
Maison Saadah is an online store that came to life in 2015 when they started bringing the   famous Beni Ourain Rugs to the UAE. These wool rugs are hand made in the
mountains of Morocco and traditionally feature a black pattern woven into a cream foreground.
Classic Beni Ourain rugs are well known and appreciated for their specific
patterns, dense weave and immense softness due to the use of  high quality un-dyed wool.
The collaboration between Maison Saadah and Live Loud Girl is all about bringing a breath of fresh air to the home decor scene with its more modern design and use of bold colours while preserving the traditional weaving techniques and the unique look and feel of these iconic rugs.

The process started with discussions accompanied by cups of coffee. We had all the freedom we wanted in terms of color, weave and patterns yet wanted to stay true to the core values rugs and Live Loud Girl signature. Slowly but surely we had three designs on the table. We found inspiration in palm trees, waves, wind and not to forget that touch of pink and our loved grid. Seeing the final drawings of the 3 rugs and then having the actual rugs here under our feet is surreal.
For the shoot we wanted to really let the rugs do all the talking. The bold colors compliment the composed and layed-back vibe that these three rugs give a room.
We can honestly say that we are honored and proud. Honored to have been asked by Maison Saadah to go on this adventure together. Proud to have done our first product development.
These babies are available online so you can have a real Maison Saadah  ♥ Live Loud Girl Beni Ourain Rug in your home too!
Styling by Live Loud Girl | Photography by Natelee Cocks | Paint by Jotun | Location 8th Street Studio Dubai  Beni Ourain rug Beni Ourain photoshoot Beni ourain rug beni ourain pink grid beni ourain pink gridBeni Ourain photoshoot Beni Ourain Grid Black Beni Ourain Detail Beni ourain rug kids Beni Ourain grid rug


  1. Choice Furniture Superstore October 12, 2017

    This is really very cute. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Live Loud Girl October 17, 2017

      Thanks for commenting, happy you like the rugs. Did you check out the different patterns at Maison Saadah?

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