LiveLoudGirl140316_0063Remember the post about the three girls and their whimsical wonderland?
We were lucky to also create a space for them to play, read and chill. This space was empty  with some cool yet challenging characteristics like a full glass window wall and a window sill size extra large.
Another challenge was that this playroom is for three girls of different ages and obviously we wanted to design something that would fulfill three dreams.

We created a reading corner with some long acrylic shelves. To give this corner in the room it’s own feel, we used colorful Urban Walls confetti dot wall stickers. The big quirky Into the Fold  cushions make it a comfy retreat.
The colors of the wall stickers are repeated in the chairs of the little sitting area that is perfect for letting their creativity flow freely. Together with the fantastic and original PET lamps, this area is bursting with colors.

In the middle of the room, like an oasis for chilling, is a comfy sofa. The sofa is facing a custom made wall unit around the TV. For the basic of this custom made wall unit we used Ikea Besta cabinets and we upgraded them with custom made white washed wooden doors in combination with some shelving. The beauty of it all is that there are now wires shown.
A wonderful Ollli Ella Beni  and Mushkane Lumbini rug  are soft for little feet making this a snug and cosy place.

For the long window sill we instantly knew what to do. A combination of custom made seating together with a fabulous collection of funky cushions makes this side of the room vibrant and welcoming.

One thing is clear. There is enough space for the girls and their friends to play and hang out. This prismatic room is ready for some colorful laughs now.

Styling: Live Loud Girl | Photography: Natelee Cocks Photography

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  2. Karen September 7, 2016

    Where can the book shelves be purchased from? Thanks!

    • Lauren October 3, 2016

      They’re from Ubabub. They come with 2. (Two are used here going lengthways.) bit expensive if you want three large rows but depends how big you want the bookcase to be 🙂

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  4. Geetha July 24, 2017

    Love the woven pendant ceiling lights. Where did you get them please? Thanks.

    • Live Loud Girl July 31, 2017

      Hi Geetha, thanks for your interest. The lights are from Pet-lamp. They have an amazing collection of hand crafted pendants. Thanks for reading the blog and hope you are getting inspired!

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