roomstyling Live Loud GirlA playroom at a grandmother’s house for her seven grandchildren. Six boys and one girl to be exact. The room needs to be quite wear and tear free, have lots of storage for all the toys while keeping enough room for all the boys to play. We started off with statement wall paper. We’ve had been waiting to use this wallpaper from Fine Little Day in a room for so long and was extremely happy that we could finally make this reality. The fox head is a unique item from Fiona Walker that enhances the forest vibe whilst adding some color to the monochrome basics. We installed a long desk with stools for messy arts and crafts. Then for the teepee, we got into messy DIY ourselves by adding color to it. A few fabulous prints which we ordered via The Poster Club make it a whole. What is a boys room without a cactus and good old Batman anyway? The project is not completely finished yet. We have to add some last details like a comfortable sofa, a rug and small details. But when we were at the place we already took some pictures, couldn’t wait to share. It’s a jungle out there boys. Now go and behave like it.

Pictures & Styling Live Loud Girl


PS. Isn’t it fun to see how the designboard turned into reality



  1. Denies overseas May 26, 2015

    Wat een prachtige speelkamer! Het behang is ook zo mooi!:)

  2. isabelle August 27, 2015

    im so curious where that gray desk lamp (with brass base) is from?! I love it

    • Live Loud Girl August 28, 2015

      which one do you mean? In this one none of these lights?

  3. Stacie McEwan June 27, 2016

    Hi! Love this desk! Where did you find it?


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