You might have seen them come by in our previous installation and on our Instagram, we happen to love them a lot. The playmats from By Alex are not only comfortable, they are original, beautifully made and highly decorative.

We happen to know Alexandra (just a bit) as we have been long time friends. Just only recently when she started her own business, we started mixing business with pleasure.

Alexandra from By Alex is a mom of three kids and has always been a very creative. She adores fabrics and she loves nothing more than the adventure of discovering breathtaking fabrics  and creating magic with them.

We are happy to say that we have gotten our hands on our very own now.

The playmats are in super nice company of our new Byron Bay Hanging Chair London Day Bed a brand of which we are a long term fan. We’re beyond excited to finally have a piece in our possession. Do you think the kids would notice if we steal it away one day?

Check out the By Alex webshop and get inspired. Creating a comfy playroom and a reading nook, it’s all possible.
Who does not want to get comfy on this?

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  1. Alex January 10, 2017

    Wat een gezellige post Lin. En ik vind het zo tof dat je ook de bruine playmat hebt gekozen. Toen ik stoffen aan het uitzoeken was zei je: “die bruine is gaaf, maar zou niet zo goed weten hoe ik hem kan combineren.” Nou, zo dus!

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