It is almost unfair to say we have updated our play room since this room is the most metamorphosed space in the house. And it has always been. Remember how we were all about triangles in the old house with first a pop of yellow and later in combination with vintage? And in the new house we have changed around a few things in less than a year like bringing in the lounger for the kids to chill and read on after school.

If there is a room in the house that can handle this change, it is a space for children since they grow every day and as they do, so do their preferences. We try to create spaces that the children can grow into, not out of.

At home, we had a storage issue. So one thing was sure and that is that we needed to install some shelves for the Lego. On my wish list were the Ikea Ivar cabinets. The plain light wood will go with nearly anything, making them sleek, versatile and practical (in that order only).

Another thing on my wish list was using the color Elegant Blue from Jotun. Changing a wall is hands down the easiest way to completely change the vibe of the room. In a rental house it can be daunting, knowing the day will come you will have to change it again. But it is worth the hassle since life is too short to live in a house that does not feel like your home.
An option would have been to paint the cabinets in the same color, making them blend in more yet we chose to keep the wood as it is.

Since the reading lounger was a succes, I did not want to take it away yet I was ready for a change. Lucky for me (and the boys) I visited a new interior shop, The Den, here in Dubai,  that had a fantastic new option. This one being a simple pallet with a cover. The material of the cover is of a beautiful linen, just like the cushioning. Result: me happy, boys happy, everybody happy.

Playroom 2.0 (or should I say, 5.0) has been inaugurated and approved. For the coming season, we will try and keep it as it is which won’t be hard as we all love this new look.

Product details:
Cabinets from IKEA | Knitted Blanket from Repose AMS | Linen Throw by Kate & Kate Home | Bench & Cushions: BedandPhilosophy via The Den Concept | Pufferfish Print by My Deer | Basket from Serena & Lily | Pillow by Natti Natti | Blue paint from Jotun

Styling Live Loud Girl | Photography Natelee Cocks

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