Working with Pax and Hart is a dream job. We have been a fan of her work since forever. We have used her art in our own homes, in photo shoots and interior styling projects as they are so versatile and funky.
Last year we had the chance to actually work for this talented lady from Down Under. We were asked to create a concept and style the photoshoot of her new prints that she wanted to present in a homey environment with a vintage yet playful feel.

Emma has not been sitting still since then. Besides making a perfect little baby, she designed a new range of prints. Her new work is more of an art illustration this time, showing just how talented she is. And yes, we were so happy when she asked us again to create the perfect setting for them.
This time around we decided to go for a more robust yet simple setting with a bit of a moody feel.

We started off with leaving our basement wall for what it is. This least inspiring place of the house has proven to be so good for photo shoots. We brought in some rugs, hung the pendants and added colorful ribbons for the right amount of color. Together with some greenery the subtle and simple setting was done.

With special thanks to: Pendant wool lights Caramel & Sun  | Beni Ouarain rug by Kids Point Store
Prints by Pax and Hart | Styling by Live Loud Girl | Photography by Natelee Cocks


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