Frankie and frenchie4

Teepees are a perfect little hide away for your little ones. It feeds a child’s imagination and not to forget: at the same time it makes your interior look gorgeous (and we like that too…). We love the plain white natural look of the teepee, however don’t let that stop you from decorating it with some paint, feathers or cotton ball lights.

If you are looking for some inspiration to decorate your teepee, take a look at the blog of  Kelli Murray. She has a perfect tip for hand painted tent covers with a vintage look.


Mini rodini

As a big fan of the Mini Rodini clothes collection for my 2 little boys I’m so happy with the news that a brand new Mini Rodini home collection will be released this Friday. The collection is non- toxic and organic and consists of blankets and bedding with their classic fish print.The collection will be available exclusively in Mini Rodini’s stores and on Minirodini.com. Dream big!


And there it is: my first blogpost! So scary, yet so excited! It came from far I can tell you that. So many doubts; shall I write in English, shall I write in my Dutch comfort zone, shall I just write about everyday things that inspire me or shall I narrow it down to my passion interior styling off children’s rooms,…..in the end I even concluded I don’t like writing :-). Having said that, there were so many beautiful things that came on my path, so many things which are on my mind, and so many inspiring words that I could do only one thing: Start Living Loud, give my thoughts a voice.
Live Loud (girl) logo is not ready yet, lay out is far from perfect & I have to see how this blogging thing works, but the subjects are there, I have many ideas so I hope I can inspire you; Live Loud, why not!??!
ps. Obviously I have a lot to learn…look at the image 🙂 ( I will never use this smiley face again, I promise)
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