My Live Loud girl’s shout out this week is for the lovely ENSUUS. Suzanne is this creative mind behind the &SUUS shop & blog, who shows her daily family life and passion for interior on Instagram. Her pictures are so pure and often have this amazing pastel glow. I just can’t get enough of her humoristic feeds which often show her two adorable kids in action. If you start looking at her feeds, I will assure you it’s hard to stop!

If you like her style, have a quick look at her shop with handmade furniture and home accessories.
Enjoy the weekend – Live Loud!



oeuf_perch_loft_bed2It’s plain, white and simple and it maximizes your space…..Meet the beautiful new edition to the Perch collection of Oeuf.  The Perch Loft bed feautures a full bed with plenty of room for relaxing, playing or furniture below. A perfect addition to a every kids room, small or big.

I like this!



Inspired by her two little Indians, Vanessa de Kock of 100% mama event started a great collection of baby booties and pants for children 0-2 years: Little Indians.

Because I absolutely adore her collection full of little arrows, black dots, stars and thunderbolts I thought it was a great idea to use this as an inspiration for this week’s 100% mama event ‘look of the day’. Let your dreams run wild…be brave enough to follow!
Inspired? Have a look on 100% mama  for the sales information.
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