liveloudgirl280916_good-56You might know we’re already a fan of Kate & Kate Home. The sisters (in law) have an exquisite taste in fabrics, colors and styles, making us big fans.

Their newest collection is not only beautifully shot, the products are right up our street. From bedding with just the right dose of boho to linen cushions that make you want to buy a beach house just to go with it.

We often work with Kate & Kate for accessories. Their throughs are fabulous to work with if you want to add a splash of color or geomatricity on the sofa or chair. We love the simplicity of the linen navy striped one which you will see on several location in the house the coming months as is is so versatile.

My own bedroom is currently heavenly white (what else is new) with the White Night cover and pillow cases. It’s not difficult to get into bed yet very hard to step out of this cloud of beautiful woven cotton in the morning. The tassels, the white and a little pattern …a few of my favourite things

Check out the new collection on their website, I bet you will fall in love with the beautiful products and the girls behind it all.

Styling Live Loud Girl | Photography Natelee Cocksliveloudgirl280916_good-59 liveloudgirl280916_good-54 liveloudgirl280916_good-68 liveloudgirl280916_good-52

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