Being in a rental home can sometimes be a pro, sometimes a con. What we have learned in our previous rentals is that making a house your home can be a challenge. Especially if fundamental elements like the color on the wall, the type of floor or structural design is not totally up your street.
For those who have followed my latest move might know project #Getridofuglytiles.
As I am a Northern European girl, I got over my ‘let-me-not-invest-too-much-in-a-rental-home’ fear and went for something that makes this house feel like it is my own: a wooden floor.

I fell for the Kährs Ash Blizzard wood when I saw it at Nordic Homeworx, the official agent for Kährs in the UAE & Middle East. They carry a very broad range of Swedish wooden floors and ever since we worked with them for client Installations and photo shoots, we have been eying their beautiful products. When we decided to move house, I knew I would do it right from the start. So on top of my wish list (read: demand list) was this extra white toned floor with a matte finish.

Wooden floors make a home cool when it is hot and warm when it is cool. Having natural opposed to synthetic materials in your home, makes your living experience much more pleasant. The feel of it, the smell of it… this is what I have longed for so long.

A new floor in your home is quite an investment, especially when you rent. Yet if you want to make a place feel like your own, investing in basic elements is a must. And the best thing is: we can call this beauty our own now as it will not be left behind. The entire floor can be removed again, packed up and put into our next home. How is that for being clever?

This house has such a different feel to it now. I can assure you, investing in your rental is totally worth it!

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