When it comes to appliances and electronics, I am extremely picky. So most of the necessary household items are stored away, behind beautiful doors of my (kitchen) cabinets.
Yet now I have finally found ‘my kind of’ appliance. My new portable Beosound Level speaker is one to show off and flaunt with around the house.

The Beosound Level promises superior sound in a minimalistic, Scandinavian inspired design. Well, I just had to say ‘yes’ to that. It is a great addition to our interior with the classic combination of wood and gold details. Not less important is the sound, which is incredible.

Another great feature is that the speaker can be used in several positions, depending where you need it. Standing up, lying down or mounted on the wall. Either way, the sound quality is not compromised. So bringing music with you wherever you are in the house is easy.

The speaker has been spending most of it’s time in the living room for after school chilling. But I have also managed to bring it upstairs to the master bedroom. I think it looks stunning there. Yet I am afraid the boys will soon be on to me and have it in their room. And I can’t blame them.

B&O has always been a front runner when it comes to combining superior sound with design. I learned this growing up. So I am delighted to have such a stunning appliance in my house now that I can show off.

Styling by Live Loud Girl | Photography by Marli Smith Photography


Ok, it was definitely not the plan to do a make-over in the first weekend that we were back home from our holiday. Yet, most of the changes in-and- around my house are totally unplanned and spontaneous. And updating the boys’ room with this swap around is therefore no exception. With the new school year on our doorstep the timing could actually not have been better.

I landed the idea of changing ‘a few things around’ on the Friday evening which resulted in a full day’s work on Saturday. Luckily my hubby was on board. Because we soon realized that both beds did not fit through the door. So there was a lot (!) of unscrewing and re-screwing.
And have you ever tried moving a book case with all the books in it? Doesn’t work! Although the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos might look good, the ‘in between’ was a total chaos.

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Is there anything better than being on a holiday whilst staying in your own house? Being somewhere else yet sleeping in your own bed? Enjoying another country but sitting on the sofa you love?
When you have your own holiday home, I can tell you, you get the best of both worlds.

We finished the renovations of a small holiday home on the Dutch coast at the beginning of the year. The idea behind it is that it’s the place we stay at when visiting friends and family back home. Because there is only so much of suitcase living and sleeper couch sleeping you want to do on your well deserved holiday. Especially as a family of four.
So it is truly our home away from home and we wanted to give it that final finishing touch now that we had the chance to be there.

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We are all spending much more time at home than we would normally do (and want). Yet in this whole ‘making the most of our house-arrest’ situation, we decided to spread some interior inspiration with quick home updates. We are not talking about big make overs that require us to go out to the shops of course. We mean some easy alterations with things we either already have at home or that we can order online. And the latter ties in with our shout out to all small businesses out there that can really use a boost right now.

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