2015-03-19 03.21.28 1_resizedSince spring is here I felt it was time to change around a few things in the play room to create a fresh space for the kids to play since things are warming up again.
However, taking the triangles down was kind of a big step for me (and apparently also to some followers). To show my loyalty to them, I went for a new triangle print from Mini & Maximus, a million faces.

I couldn’t handle a bare naked wall after my little obsession so I went for randomly scattered dots wall stickers, complemented with a two of my old favorites the black felt ball garland by Felt foxes and the coolest kid in town poster flag. The cute bunny Green and Paper I put in a new light wooden frame. A new look!
A few new funky baskets are used as storage. I got creative with customizing the bamboo H&M Home basket with some white spray paint.
The yellow Casalino chairs have made space for two wooden ones that were on the boys rooms before. Using vintage furniture with a story can give a space some immediate soul I think.
It’s not a massive make over but it shows that small changes can make a big difference. Curious what you think of it!

Boys, go and play!2015-03-19 03.24.17 1_resized_1 2015-03-19 03.23.46 1_resized 2015-03-19 11.31.30 1_resized 2015-03-19 03.23.28 1_resized 2015-03-19 03.20.23 1_resized


  1. Rebekah F March 29, 2015

    I love the new look!

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  3. Ivon May 10, 2016

    I have a questions about the desk / floating desk shelf you installed here. Is it from Ikea, do you have a link to where you got it; did you make it your self. This is exactly the type of flat hard elevated surface I’m looking to put in my sons play room.

    thanks for the additional information.

  4. Julie July 10, 2016

    Love this room! Where did you find the salt sand happy sign?
    Thanks so much.

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