Whilst our installations are a bit on the back burner due to the summer holiday, our creativity is on full speed.
The best thing about having a break from our very fun yet intense styling jobs is that there is more time for visiting stores abroad, sucking up every little bit of inspiration we come across and meeting other creatives.

This week I met up with @yvettevaneijndhoven, someone that we have been following and vice versa for a long time. Mutually loving what the other one does, we never had the chance to actually meet due to the physical distance between The Netherlands and Dubai. Now that I am on my summer break (aka escaping the heat) Yvette was suddenly only a DM and short drive away.

Meeting fellow creatives, no matter if they do something similar or not, is one of the most inspiring things. Speaking about materials, inspiration, challenges and opportunities in having your own business next to sharing ideas is so empowering.

Besides her talent for designing beautiful bags, Yvette is also a great photographer. I was so lucky to be at the right time, right place with the right person because just look at this amazing setting and my gorgeous accessory.

Whether you have your own (creative) business or not, meeting people and sharing ideas is something that will always bring you further. We are on a mission to collect inspiration for the weeks to come so stay tuned for hopefully more material to get you excited too.

From insta likes to real like likes right?

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  1. Marijke van Veldhoven September 3, 2018

    This blog is great. I love those pictures! You look fantastic. And the bags are beautiful; I have two bags by Yvette and they compliment every outfit.


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