We are working on a secret project that we want to share with you. Just keep in between us, don’t tell anyone just yet…

Since a very long time we have been big fans of Beni Ourain rugs. These rugs have originally been created by Berber people in order to keep them warm in the Atlas Mountains. Nowadays they are handwoven in the exact the same way, from untreated wool. That’s why every rug is unique and special.
On our blog you might have seen these rugs in our installations. That is how we met the lovely Maison Saadah and started working together.

Some time ago over a cup of coffee (obviously…) she asked us to design a small range of Live Loud Girl rugs together. It being such an honour and a huge dream of ours to help create a product ourselves that we actually work with made us reply to her with a very loud ‘yes’.

Numerous coffees and drawing sessions later, we are just days away from launching the MAISON SAADAH * LIVE LOUD GIRL range that consists of three rugs.

As we are awful at keeping secrets, we wanted to share a sneak peek our inspiration for the design of the rugs to get you excited too. Stay tuned for the official launch in September and remember; it’s between us!

~ be secretly incredible~



  1. Jessica July 31, 2017

    Such great news! Congrats on this amazing collab.

  2. Romy August 2, 2017

    Oeh… benieuwd!!

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