These are the months that we call autumn. Even though temperatures in Dubai are still pretty summery, we realize the countdown has begun. A change of a season is the perfect time to rearrange things around in your house. For us that is changing from post-summer beach vibes to a more cosy and homey feel to embrace the last three months of this year.

Making your house ready for a new season does not have to imply changing your furniture. It is merely about changing the atmosphere which you can do in many ways. We had the chance to work with Carpet Centre to try some new styles in my home to see how you can create a different style by just changing our rug.

As rug enthusiasts, we were so happy to work with the Carpet Centre on this revamp. They have a vast collection ranging from classic Persian hand woven rugs to more modern styles. 

In the Carpet Centre showroom we totally fell for the traditional style. We are in the Middle East and embrace the local style. One is a Persian rug in beige tones and we also love a similar one in grey. Although these rug is very classic, the colors give the room a very minimalistic, scandi feel yet the pattern and structure keep it warm. The clean look makes it easy to combine the rug with different materials, styles and colors. We did feel a pop of color was necessary. Luckily, the rug was not the only new family member in the house. A lush banana plant has brought in the essential green. Some more greenery in the smaller pots complements the total. 

A more modern style was created with a gorgeous gold touched cow hide. This unique item gives the room a very contemporary feel. The size makes us want to create a smaller, cozier area around it. Some color is added in the cabinet to freshen it up and with this it is a very pleasant alternative to a traditional rug. 

As you might know by now, we endorse change. If you feel inspired to give a room in your house another feel, try to bring in or change a rug and add some items to complement the color and style. It’s that simple.

The rugs we used are currently available at Carpet Centre. Visit the website as they have a massive collection of styles, sizes and materials.
Because no one ever said: I have too many rugs.

Styling Live Loud Girl | Photography Natelee Cocks

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