Flower pot table lamp from &tradition

The festive season is on our doorstep. It always seems so far away until you wake up one day and realize you are late for both getting the house decorated and doing the Christmas gift shopping.
Buying useless gifts and things made of crap materials, is something that we didn’t really think about in the previous decade. Yet nowadays, we want to be more mindful about what we buy. We also want to think about where we buy it from. And we care about the lifetime of the items we gather around us. Besides that, we personally rather give our money towards a creative who puts passion into every item he or she produces in stead of to a large, un-personal chain. 

We find a lot of products that we work with on Instagram. For us, social media has been so much more than just a platform to show our portfolio. Over the last years we have connected with some incredible suppliers, partners, creatives and inspirators here. And the best thing is that ordering one of their products does make a difference to someone.

So this year we will be even more mindful on what to buy, give and cherish. 
We want to buy less and focus on what really makes someone happy. We rather not purchase useless gifts but are willing to invest in keepers. We won’t go for a ‘Christmassy’ gift perse, but prefer to spend our money on something that will be appreciated year round.
Quality over quantity.
Small brand over multinational. 

The products that are on our wish list are the ones below. It might inspire you. If not for Christmas, maybe a birthday or other special occasion.

With that being said and shared, we wish everyone an incredible festive season. We will be taking a little break but are back for installations, styling and fun early in the new year!

OUR WISH LIST: Uma vase via Casa Gitane | String for your sunnies via Studio Belle-Soeur | Tea mugs from Summer School | Print from Wall of Art | Linen bedding via Midnatt | Storage via Repose AMS | Flowerpot table lamp by &tradition | All images (except top one which is shot by @liveloudgirl) are from the suppliers them selves.

Uma vase from Casa Gitane
Strings for your sunnies
Gorgeous mugs
This print is on the wishlist
Midnatt bedding
Storage via Repose AMS


favorite sofa

One account that I always check during a coffee break is @bartsboekje. Maartje’s Dutch humor on her Instagram Stories makes us laugh. Her realistic way of photography makes us drool. Her destinations want us to pack our bags and go.
Yet most inspiring is her drive for building this business from scratch. Like many entrepreneurs we admire, Maartje did not follow a straight road to become a travel influencer. She discovered her passion and talent whilst doing different jobs and created her own space along the way.
To get a better understanding about how @bartsboekje got where it is today, we asked Maartje about her journey.

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The highs and lows of fronteriors

As you might have seen, @fronteriors – the side hussle that I started with fellow stylist @houseofhawkes – opened her virtual doors last month. It was a dream of ours to make furniture. And with a long and colourful history of #ikeahacking, the notion of designing a unique and stylish collection of doors, tops and sides to fit IKEA furniture frames was the ideal business concept for us to pour our passion and creativity into knowing there would be highs and lows.

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