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For nearly a decade, my boys have been sharing a room. At first it was a necessity as our New York apartment where we lived when Sam was born was tiny. When we arrived in Dubai, they started in separate rooms. But when I invested in the Oeuf NYC bunk bed (which had been on my personal wish list for a long time) the boys happily chose their obvious bunk. Jack up – Sam down. They loved being together in the mornings and evenings and I can tell you, it made the bedtime routine easy for me.

Now, almost 10 years down the line, my boys want their own room. And I fully understand. Although I am having some emotional moments realising that they are growing up, I am secretly very happy with a new project in the house. It’s been a while since I got my hands dirty on my own turf. Besides that I am very excited about working with some new brands and products in this make over. Bye bye guest room, hello Sam’s new room.

Bye bye guest room

The guest room was kept very basic. So we did need to work with a few make-over essentials. The first one being a beautiful wall paper. The water color grey from Photowall seems like a choice that Sam (almost a teen now) will enjoy for the coming years. We always want to create a space that kids grow into, not out of.

Storage is a fundamental element in any space we design. If you are, like us, happy to keep toys, stationary and homework behind closed doors, we recommend bringing in some kind of cabinet. Where in the shared room we used a vintage dresser, now I wanted to use one of my own babies. Fronteriors offers doors, sides and tops for IKEA cabinets. The beige slated door is one of the more recent collection and I added it to a BESTA unit that we hung on the wall.

This room will still be for family and friends when they come to visit. Therefore Sam will be enjoying this spacious double bed. Yet to make it his (opposed to the white bedding that I normally use for guests) we chose for a greyish green linen set complemented with a mix and match cushion covers from Alex & Alexa. A new find is the oak bed side table which suddenly made it a boys room.

Shop around the house

For this make-over, I wanted to work with furniture that we have in the house. Mostly, shopping around your own house will give you plenty of options. I brought in the &tradition lounger from my bedroom. I feels like a good match in terms of color and materials and makes a perfect reading corner for those slow starts on the weekend.

Art work is always an essential for me. Not only because there are so mant creatives out there making stunning prints, it’s also the best way to change the vibe of a room. For Sam I chose two prints that I found on my recent trip to Stockholm. The art from Facade Apt bring in some stunning color.

Get your essentials right

For now I have a happy son, and hopefully happy guests at some point. And let’s not forget that I had fun taking on this project. It demonstrates once again that make overs are easier then often thought. If you have the right essentials (a statement wall, storage, bedding and artwork), you can pull of any project in no time. Go for it!

sams new room


Magic Linen

We often write about how we love creating spaces that kids grow into, not out of. When it comes to our own homes we obviously try to do the same.
Jack and Sam have been sharing a room for quite some time now. Basically it was because I fell in love with the Oeuf NYC bunkbed before I even had children. Luckily it was also to their liking.
As they grow up (so fast) we felt that we wanted to upgrade their room with some small changes, making it perfect for starting the new year.

It has been a while since we installed a kids room. Not that we have been bored. On the contrary. We have been working on large hospitality and residential projects, as well as my holiday home. Kids rooms is however what we started with five years ago so this project is a nice way to end this year.

Some new items…

I came across these beautiful Magic Linen olive green curtains, making me immediately want to change the color scheme of this room. This color is a bit bolder yet works surprisingly well with many color schemes. The material lets through the light beautifully but has a nice heavy hang.
Like with any installation, sometimes things don’t work our precisely how we planned it. The curtains ideally should generously touch the floor. That however requires a drill… And we were too impatient and wanted to share the result with you. So there is still a tweak to make.

We did another little upgrade to the daybed. With the kids being 8 and 9 now, we felt that it could use some large cushions to make it the perfect place for reading.
Besides that, to bring in some color we went for this funky hotdog rug. Adding texture to a sleek floor makes a room look warmer, and the design was obviously approved by the boys.

So with these few small changes, we have upgraded the room so that it coincides with the age, style and recommendations of the kids again. The basics remain the same, it is just a matter of changing around, mixing up and adding some new colors into the equation. As you can see below, make overs like this don’t take a lot of time. So in the holidays, when you have an hour, update & upgrade a room in the house. It’s easy!


Upgrade of the bedroom
grow up & up grade


Being in a rental home can sometimes be a pro, sometimes a con. What we have learned in our previous rentals is that making a house your home can be a challenge. Especially if fundamental elements like the color on the wall, the type of floor or structural design is not totally up your street.
For those who have followed my latest move might know project #Getridofuglytiles.
As I am a Northern European girl, I got over my ‘let-me-not-invest-too-much-in-a-rental-home’ fear and went for something that makes this house feel like it is my own: a wooden floor.

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For us, styling a nursery is always a special project. Not only because it will be the first room for a newborn, it is also a place where parents spend time bonding with their baby making them memorable in style and design.

This particular room is one of the five rooms we were asked to design for a beautiful villa on Zaya Nurai Island. A dream project in size, creativity and variety allowing us to reflect the true Live Loud Girl style.

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