Changing seasons always makes our stylist heart a little restless as this is the perfect moment for change. We were very curious about some of the colors on Jotuns new color chart and that in combination with being totally ready for something different made us decide to take a little gamble.

The good thing about creating a statement wall in your home is that it is a big effect in very little time. This wall only took one can of paint and four hours to complete including the styling. The proof is in the video. Bye bye white walls, hello dusty red!

Dusty Red 2995 had been on our minds ever since we were introduced to these beautiful earthy tones on the Milan Design Week last year.
Unlike what you would think, this earthy tone is very easy to combine. It can be used with white walls and soft tones for a minimalistic look or in combination with darker colors for a more exotic feel.

We decided to soften things up a bit by working with some new accessories. Using Jotuns Khajal 2782 from the same color card as inspiration we went for a minimalistic Pink Stairs poster by The Poster Club and the COEE Ball vase by The Bowery Company that had been on our wish list for a long time. A final tough of green freshens it all up, making this our new warm and wonderful dining environment.

This bold choice has turned out to be a winner. Do you dare to join us? Watch the video to see how simple it is to completely change the vibe in your house with very little hassle

Photography by Wilbert Smith for Jotun | Styling Live Loud Girl



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