We have been following @madebylon for as long as we have been on Instagram. A fellow Dutchie who has just moved back to Holland after spending two and a half years in LA with her husband Bart and their three blond babies Sylvester (7), Reva, (4) and Oscar (10 months). She captured her adventure beautifully, focussing on the little things in life that will – using her own words – later be known as the big things.

We love her style, and even though it is not focused like us on need, tidy interiors, we always find her photo’s inspiring and take great learning out of them. The way she brings different interior elements together and makes it work perfectly and fun is a gift. That is why we are so happy to have her as a Guest on the Blog to share her interior inspiration and summer plans with us.
Bring in that summer vibe!
Madelon: At this point we live in a very nice rental house in Haarlem. We knew Haarlem a little, but never lived here. This house gives us time to get to know the city and decide where we want to end up and buy a home. But after renting for 3 years, I’m SO ready for my own place… I want to paint! I want to remodel! I want to make all my Pinterest boards to finally come to live! And I still have this gorgeous wall paper from Peek and Pack just waiting for a wall.
Traveling around the world made me realize that you don’t need much to make the place you are home. Every time we moved, we parted with so much unnecessary stuff. You would think are current home is very minimalistic. I don’t know how, but it never is.
And that as long as your together, your fine. I disagree with home is where the heart is, because for me home is where your history is, but now I know that I can make it everywhere, as long as my family is with me.
Inspiration for decorating my home comes from anywhere. Magazines, movies, Instagram and friends.
Regarding my home, I don’t really have favorite brands. I like something or not. Like the whole world, I adore the Scandinavian esthetics. I hope that one day, my house will resemble that. At this point it’s a combination of many styles, covered with way too many plastic toys.
For the kids I like the combination of good, simple basics (like le Petit Germain, Gray Label, Mabo Kids, as we grow) combined with fun, playful prints (like Bobo Choses, Repose AMS, TAO, Kira kids, Maed for mini). Of course (and sort of unfortunately) my children have a strong opinion and dress themselves and they make up the most unusual outfits. I like that they are developing their own sense of style, but once in a while I veto.
This summer we will be going to France! The past three years we were in LA and spent our holidays going back to the Netherlands to see family, so this is the first time in a long time we actually have a real vacation. Next to that we like to explore and see new places, so we probably will do day or weekend trips next to that. Or maybe we just go to the beach which is only a 20 minute bike ride away from our home!
A perfect summer day for us is sleeping in, having a slow start and go out in the afternoon, drive somewhere new, or go visit friends. Just be outside, play, eat and be together. For getting the summer vibe in the house I have fresh flowers, open windows and a lot of dirty kids!
Thank you for having me!
x Madelon

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  1. Hannah Otto August 20, 2017

    Love @madebylon!! I’ve always been inspired by how real her interiors are and how family focused it is. It’s so refreshing! Thanks for sharing this blog post xx


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