@hel_bow is one of those  inspiring Instagram accounts that we came across lately and just have to keep looking at. Helens photo’s are so clean, simply gorgeous. She is a great photographer who shares her daily dose of life and motherhood in a beautiful feed.
When we approached her to be a Summer Guest on the Blog, she mentioned that she was redoing her daughters bedroom which she will share with us today. We think she has a great talent for styling…
Helen shares her favorite products and best shops with us so we hope this post will inspire you to get up and take on that project after your summer holiday!

Helen: When deciding it was time to move my elder daughter into a toddler bed, it presented the opportunity to rethink her bedroom. We’re moving home soon, so we didn’t want to redecorate completely – no painting walls or floors etc. But in the six months since her younger sister arrived, Clem’s nursery had started to fill up with unnecessary stuff – mostly toys she hardly touched or domestic bits and pieces that didn’t have a home elsewhere.
Clem is a pretty clingy kid and doesn’t spend a whole lot of time in her room, so it was threatening to a become a kind of holding chamber. We therefore decided to use her new bedroom as an excuse to give away lots of the unwanted things and rediscover some kind of purpose for it. Because Clem is also a kind of maniac – furiously emotional, often hyper, always singing and complaining and causing chaos, rather than a playroom, we wanted more of a zen space; somewhere stripped-back, calm and uncluttered to promote serenity and (we hoped) sleep.
For the bed, I chose one of those house-frame models that have been around a while, but in a less widely available version with legs. We found it at Bobby Rabbit Kids – it’s imported from Denmark, is really reasonable as children’s handmade furniture goes and won Clem’s heart as soon as she saw it. It’s a handy Scandinavian toddler size, so doesn’t overwhelm the room, and I was able to find a superior duvet and pillow in matching proportions at
Oskoe Living. I knew the bed would be fun but versatile – the frame makes it easy to ‘dress up’ (or not) as you see fit.
In keeping with the ‘toddler meditation space’, the room’s colours are simple: white, wood, a touch of slate-blue in the beautiful Ooh Noo bed-linen and the subtle plaster pink of the existing bedroom walls. What I love about the linen is that its organic, sustainable (woven into the fabric without the use of harsh chemicals), warm in winter, cool in summer and magically, gets softer with very wash.
We’ve always tried not to buy Clem plastic toys and garish branded stuff, and those we do have are stored in a paper sack in one corner. That way Clem has access to them but isn’t continually reminded of their existence. Sneakily, the toys we leave out are the nice-looking wooden ones from independent, ethical companies like Sarah and Bendrix (the amazing magnetic wooden animals), Fanny & Alexander (Clem’s toy camera) and Garbo & Friends (the wooden pears, musical orb and stacking pyramid –  in keeping with the idea of simplicity and purity, we wanted the nursery decor to centre on ‘pure forms’ like lines, spheres and cubes). I even sourced a bunch of beechwood balls and used them to customise the frame of the bed, where their shape mirrors the fairy lights behind.

The fairy costume paraphernalia hanging on the pegboard is from the amazing Fable Heart, and the beautiful bell (actually a Christmas decoration) was a gift from Polar Post.

The only other elements to speak of are the artworks on the walls. The ABC poster is one of several we own from Ella & The Roo; it seemed to fit nicely with the idea of pure forms as well as looking ace against the pink wall. The other, larger piece is a Ben Nicholson print. It was originally for my bedroom but there’s no reason a child should only ever look at stuff made expressly for children. It looks great in the room and we are always trying to expose Clem to music, art and writing; we believe the best thing for her brain is not a programmatic attempt at education, but to have her grow up surrounded by things that are beautiful and meaningful – the best that culture has to offer. We have some lovely black and white prints of the dancer Merce Cunningham to go up next.
And then we’ll be moving house and very possibly starting all over again!
Shop the look:
My house bed – Junior and single size | Crib size ZZZ Blanket by Yarning Made | Small Grandpa Whale by BigStuffed | Small POP Octopus by BigStuffed | Powder Cotton Canopy by Numero 74 | Wooden Pear Sorting toyMusical Orb and Rocking Wood Pyramid by Garbo & friends | Menu Bollard Light in ash from Nest | Slate blue duvet cover by Ooh Noo |
Ram Head by Fabels Out of Vintage | Fable Heart Rose Crown, Ice Wings and Magic Wand by Lily and Fred | Wooden Animal Kingdom Set by Sarah and Bendrix


  1. Bridget August 31, 2017

    Helen this is beautiful! Flawless style as always! Thinking about stripping out carpets and painting floorboards now!! Although think my husband may kill me after we did the stairs


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