If Live Loud Girl were to have an office Down Under, we definitely would like Lennyandme to be part of the team. This German girl, currently a resident of Melbourne, is definitely a styling talent that truly understands the style that we love.
Her Instagram photos are clean with pops of color and funky elements. And that is how we ‘met’ her on the magical world of Instagram. We follow every pic she posts.

Sandra lives the Aussie life together with her husband Scott and their 19 months old son Lenny.
Currently she is a stay-at-home-mom, as she says so herself, but she will be opening her own online store O-nine Kidz early this summer. Lucky for us because she will be bringing some very cool clothing, toy and decor brands together.
When decorating Lenny’s room, Instagram was her source of inspiration. As a true European, the furniture is mostly from IKEA. Although she is a monochrome-lover like us, for Lenny’s room she definitely wanted to add some color. She was working towards some sort of a theme which ended up to be more a mixture of everything. To us it is perfection.
Sandra is a big fan of OMM Design and Miniwilla which go together pretty well.
Enjoy the beautifully styled photos and find her shopping list below.
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