Instagram is one of our largest sources of inspiration. For us it is a platform where
the most stylish spaces, rooms and homes are connected by a hashtag and
where we can shamelessly admire our influencers.
HipandHanneke is one of these examples. We check her instafeed for her simply styled pics for pleasure. And that is why we’re happy to announce her as a guest blogger today where she shares her home and some go-to places with us.

Hanneke lives in a very special house. It is the house where shegrew up and that they bought from her parents last year. Although her childhood memories are sweet, she wanted to make the house her own home by renovating it completely which turned out to be a long, ongoing but fun process. Hannekes home can never have enough white. Natural and unpolished materials like concrete, wood, glass and steel give it the industrial feel that she loves. Hay is always welcome in her home, as are the Polaroid pictures from Via Martine. But it doesn’t only look good at her place, it smells good also due to the Diptique perfume and candles which she buys at Skins in Amsterdam.Hanneke has a great talent for styling and a good taste for kids names.
For Jack (1) and Sam (6) the shops Big&Belg and Orange Mayonaise are her favorites.posters via The Poster Club | flag This Cool Kid | grey light Studio Snowpuppe | basket Ikea | raindrop wall stickers Fermliving | duvet cover Fine Little Day | Blanket KlippanInstagram is one of her biggest sources of inspiration and lucky for us, she shares lots too.
Check it out.


Images by Hanneke Tsujimaru


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