As many of you know, Instagram is one of our biggest sources of inspiration. We follow 836 companies and individuals, entrepreneurs and creatives, all of them bringing something to think and smile about every time.
Not too long ago we came across @mortilmernee of Louise from Denmark. A part time working mother of two girls with a passion and very clear sense of style. It is a different style then you would naturally pair with ours but we think it is exceptionally magical. The same goes for Louises own words she used to answer the questions we sent her when she agreed to be our latest Guest on the Blog. If this does not make you smile, we really don’t know what would rock your boat.

Louise is from Denmark and is 37 years old. She lives in a small house in Jylland, with her husband and two 2 girls, Merle (8) and Neel (6).
“You might wonder my blog and Instagram have such a weird name. If you take Merle and Neel and you put them together, you will find the word MERNEE, and mortil means mom of. So ‘mom of Merle and Neel’ makes mortilmernee.
I think if 6 years ago I would have known where this lovely universe would bring me, I would have chosen a better name. Yet I find it weird to change it now….

Louises favorite color changes from season to season yet pink, blush, rose and anything in this pallet always is a recurring theme.
“When we bought our hose, all the flowers I bought for the garden were pink and purple. Over the years I have learned that a bit of mix and match works so much better. Inside the house I also need color. I could not live if I did not have colors in my life”.

Her favorite piece of furniture is the Venus chair by Weaner. She bought it last year with money she saved up. Danish design is really her thing. The beautiful wood used just lasts forever. Her granddad, that I sadly has passed away, worked with wood and taught her to appreciate wooden designs. Her grandmother still has some beautifully Danish design furniture that they bought together more than 50 years ago. It is so timeless.

On her wish list is one more lounge chair. “We some times are in need of seats when we have company and I would not mind a Verner panton, one more Eames and another one in black of which I forgot the name. I would love some art as our walls are very empty. Yet I need to find the perfect piece as I would rather keep the walls empty then hang something that I am not in love with.”

Louise gets her inspiration from anywhere; a photo, a walk along the beach or in a random place. She read a lot of interior magazines in the old days and still does yet she finds most inspiration now on blogs and Instagram. Her favorite accounts are for example  @frejatroelsen, @karenmariemunk and @_designtales_
Louise and her family love to travel. Now that her girls have the age where they appreciate it, they love to spend time away from home to explore the world. Therefore you will notice that some of her favorite accounts are travel accounts.
“I know lots of people also use pinterest, but I have never really gotten around to it. I think I just can’t manage to be present online in anymore places then I already am”.

We just hope that Louise will keep on doing what she does best: inspire us with her magical style and enchanting photography


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