We have only met Hannah Argyle through Instagram-likes and e-mail conversations, yet it feels like we have known her for years. This is probably due to the fact that she (like us) is Insta-obsessed as she says so herself. Her passion and amazing talent for photography gave her quite an impressing number of followers. We are dealing with an Instagram influencer here!

Hannah started her career as a picture framer and had the guts to start her own business. It was after having her second baby that she realized she needed a more creative outlet. She picked up the camera and started shooting away. With the ambition to always improve, she has taught herself to go far beyond making a pretty shot. Every photo is a piece of art, sometimes being as simple as some products from the garden, other times it will be her kids running outdoors. And it has paid off as Hannah now has a growing business as a commissioned photographer.

Hannah and her family (husband, two boys, a dog and a cat) live in a Victorian terraced house in Northampton. Her house is serene and peaceful, at least, that is how we see it. We are lucky to share a peek into her newly redone downstairs area and some of our favorite shots of the past year.

Inspiration is everywhere and for us, it is definitely in this account. Check it out

Hannah Argyle-6 Hannah Argyle-13 Hannah Argyle-1-3 Hannah Argyle-11 Hannah Argyle-9hannah-argyle4hannah-argyle6


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  1. Louise Manser September 12, 2016

    I love the feeling of calm coming from these pictures as well as the plant hangers. What a simple yet effective idea. Are you able to share where these are from?


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