The account of @anciolina has been on our ‘following’ list for a long time. This freelance photographer and stylist has been an absolute inspirator over the last years. She masters simplicity like no other and that in combination with her photography talent makes it such an honor to feature her as a Guest on the Blog.

Anna lives in Rotterdam with her husband Christopher and two children. Stella (4) and Harry (1) share a bedroom. They each have their own little corner and when Harry is big enough, she hopes to move them both to a bunk bed. A bigger house where they can both have an own room is also on the wish list yet Anna is not ready to leave the city yet.
The family lives in an apartment in the center of Rotterdam. She honestly wouldn’t know how to describe the style of her home. Maybe ‘organized messy with a lot of vintage colors and items’. She wonders if that is an existing style. For us it does not matter because we love what’s going on in this home.
Anna gets inspired by all sorts of random things but most of all from her real life situations. “I look at the kids and see that their world is so big yet so small and filled with all sorts of little adventures, that’s why I just started a weekly theme on my blog where I photograph our daily life, not just the happy moments. Harry searching for his ball or Stella dressing up after school. Just the normal things you want to remember I guess”.
Next to the kids, she has a thing for Japanese accounts on Instagram. The day to day life, the style of interiors and fashion, Anna finds it all so inspiring that Japan is on her travel wish list now.
Photography wise she loves working with brands that have a vision or an idea behind it that needs to be translated. This story makes her want to crate the best image possible.
With decorating the kids room, Anna loves to become a part of a world that’s created by someone else. Great examples are fashion labels Repose Ams and Gray Label but also interior brands like Numero 74. She buys the brand at Lidor. For most of the wall art like Pax & Hart prints and wall stickers BySomethingEls is her go-to place and for furniture like Stella’s little cabinet Sostene Grene is a favorite.
Next to these webshops, Anna loves to go to flee markets to find treasures like the white dresser and Harry’s blue cabinet or Stella’s little desk.
Thank you LiveLoudGirls, for having me!
X Anna’

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  1. Lucas June 3, 2020

    Great article I like it !


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