We are back home! Back to normal life, routine, school lunches and sport bags. Yet to be honest, after 12 weeks of holiday, it’s kinda nice to be behind our computers  again with our trusted home brewed coffee.

As we mentioned to you earlier, we weren’t bored over the last few weeks. Because next to having quality time with family and friends, we paid our favorite shops back home a visit, for inspiration and sourcing as we are in de midst of a few exciting projects.

Lined up for the coming months are several installations that we will be sharing on the blog. Besides that we will be styling a few photoshoots, one of them being with our own product! Waaah! Remember when we shared a secret with you regarding our partnershop with Maison Saadah? Well, we are launching very soon now and can’t wait to tell you more about it.

The long summer also gave us some space, time and inspiration to look at our own brand. Live Loud Girl has grown up from who she was over three years ago and we feel that our blog should reflect that. Being back home now gives us the time to implement this so we will surprise you one day soon with our new look and feel!

Being back home also is great for the boys. Sleeping in their own bed again, having their own toys around and not having to choose clothes from a suitcase every morning. (For those who know me a bit, it’s a very organized suitcase so no need to feel sorry…)

After a long holiday I also always realize how much they grow. Suddenly I see these long legs hanging over the side of the bed and the kids reaching up to shelves where they could not reach before summer started. On moments like these I understand when people say that kids grow up so quickly.

Growing kids also means updating their environment. We had the chance to bring back some amazing items from The Netherlands and France that have found a place in their new home. We love taking home interior souvenirs to hold on to the vacation vibe as long as possible. For us one of the most important things of interior styling is that your home tells a story and having items around that you gather on trips makes your home unique.

Hope everyone had a great holiday too, we would love to hear about it so don’t shy away from leaving a comment below

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  1. Tasha Parker-Kosak September 12, 2017

    Beautiful styling. I really like the blue & white, hanging textile! Who makes it?

    • Live Loud Girl September 19, 2017

      thank you! We made the textile ourselves. Its a DIY which you can find on our blog: look for DIP DYE

  2. […] to begin with. For this swap around I didn’t invested in any new items. You probably know the Oeuf NYC bunk bed from a long time ago. And my grandmothers cabinet and table have been with us for a long time as […]


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