Last month we made quite an exciting announcement regarding a new business adventure: fronteriors.
Together with Kath Hawkes (aka @houseofhawkes ) we decided that after years, of having a great collaborative working relationship, we could bring it up a notch and start designing and making furniture.
It is an absolute dream from my bucket list and has been an entrepreneurial endeavor since the idea first came up over coffee in January of this year.

Almost two weeks ago, we brought all our sample pieces into 8th Street Studios for our very first Fronteriors product shoot. Seeing all the designs we have worked on literally come to life as we put the various configurations together that day was a really special milestone for us. And it could not have happened without with a LOT of help from our friends in the trade – to whom we are forever grateful. Our star, Marli, was behind the camera and the energetic Jelle Leeksma from Yalla Yalla Media was there to assist with some video content for our website tutorials. The lovely Kristin Nystrom, stylist and photographer extraordinaire, was on hand to style Kath and I while we posed for a quick picture or two for the website… feeling ever like the fish out of water that I am when a lens in on me! 
The Jotun team were there in full support, painting studio walls in our favourite shades and our friends at Nordic Homeworx even arrived with a spectacular Kährs wood floor that I needed to be physically separated from at the end of the day. We had also had our pick of some beautiful accessories from The Bowery Company and Home & Soul.
So, here we are giving you a first look at the Fronteriors designs. It’s not yet the full collection, but it’s what we have available for now and we are so excited to be offering you the possibility of making stylish, quality furniture at a reasonable price. Our collection of fronts, handles, legs, sides and tops are designed to fit IKEA’s most loved cabinet frames, including the BILLY and BESTA options, which is the ones we have decided to start with. Kitchens and waredrobes will follow in due course. 

With a long and colorful history of #ikeahacking between us, we plan to ensure that Fronteriors will bring the latest interior trends to the market, including many stylish finishes that have not often been seen in the hacking arena.

Interested? Email to request a copy of the cookbook. Until the website build is complete, orders can be addressed by email. We are so eager to start!

Let the furniture making games begin!


  1. Heather Edwards August 24, 2020

    Hi there well done for such a fantastic idea!! Now do you have door that will fit the pax wardrobes with the cane/linen options?

    • Live Loud Girl September 6, 2020

      hi heather, fronteriors definitely has the option available!


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