Evolve - but never grow up

If you are a hard core follower, you might know that this Blog started out with just a name in a note book and a passion for beautiful design. Without any mastermind plan (or knowing how a blog actually worked), I started sharing inspiration. And so the journey of becoming an interior stylist began… But now it is time to evolve into Live Loud Girl 3.0

A bit of history…

Over the last five and a half years we have worked hard to get where we are today. Dreams of working with our favorite brands were met. Fantasies of doing shoots became reality. Slowly but surely we were building a company and a brand. We grew from just me ‘doing what felt right’ to having a capable team to work on various project simultaneously.

A lot of loyal followers remember us from designing kids rooms and play rooms. Fun, exciting and vibrant projects for sure. Yet like with Kate Winslet who will never be seen as anyone other than Rose from The Titanic, we sometimes feel that we have to show that we now do SO much more than focussing on kids rooms.
Don’t get us wrong, we still love creating unique spaces. However, with our marketing background and work experience in building brands, art direction and creative consultancy, we find it is time to take the next steps.

We have evolved

After being in limbo between the focus on only interior and trying to mature, we dare to say it out loud now: we have evolved!
We get excited about a much larger range of projects now. From styling consultancy for offices and the hospitality industry, to curating events. From art direction for branded shoots to fashion.
Besides that, I have started a totally new adventure together with fellow stylist @houseofhawkes. With @fronteriors we are building a new business and a brand, focusing on designing fronts, tops and sides for customisable IKEA furniture. Building a new business in designing furniture had been on my wish list for a long time and is now becoming pretty damn real.


It is time to focus now. Focus on pouring our heart into every project we touch. Targeting jobs that are a good fit with our more mature focal point. Making sure that all of our projects will still have that Loud element that makes it so much fun.

Live Loud Girl 3.0 starts here. We are a creative agency with the focus on interior styling consultancy, lifestyle and entrepreneurship. We love building brands, creating content and most of all having a good laugh doing so.

I followed my passion over five years ago. Today I follow my gut feel. And along the way I hope to inspire others to do the same.

If you have a dream of starting your own business, just know that all the cliches are true. Yet you will also evolve if you put your heart into it. Just remember to have fun and never grow up.

SHOP THE LOOK: side table and chair by &tradition | wall art by Wirefelts | bedding by Midnatt

Not getting out of bed with Midnatt bedding
Evolve - but never grow up
Evolve - but never grow up
Not getting out of bed with Midnatt bedding


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