We are excited to be back at the most spectacular show of the season. The Milan Design Week so far has been impressive and fun.

This year we are happy to see Jotun back in the Ventura Lambrate design district. Curated by Katrin Greiling the exposition ‘Everything is connected’ brings together talents of the Norwegian design and craft scene to tell the story of the country’s creative presence. This all against the backdrop of Jotun’s newest colors that will set the trend for this year. Norwegian Wood, Blue River and Nordic Breeze have been exclusively designed for Milan Design Week.

The colors in combination with design highlights like Vera & Kyte‘s dwell bench, Acoustic Lily’s by Homstvedt & Klock and the Tangent light by Jenkins & Uhnger show how sophisticated and sleek Norwegian design really is.

We had the chance to speak to Jannicke from Kråkvik & D’Orazio, the creative studio behind the exhibitions design. The duo has been working with the styling of Jotun for years and we happen to find them one of the most inspiring stylists around. We asked about the new pallet and some insights for incorporating them in your home.

For Jannicke, every project start with colors. First and foremost it is about the space and architecture, flowed by the products. In her designs we often see a space painted in one tone. This gives the furniture a podium, allowing the products to shine.
The theme ‘Everything is connected’ is a relevant theme as most of us are so distracted with all sorts of devices, that actual connecting with each other becomes more important.
There is no better way to share ideas then opposite each other. That is why in Jannicke’s home the dining table is more important then the sofa.  To her, a dining table is the only essential piece of furniture in the house. For the rest the furnishing  can be kept to a minimum.
With this in mind, we are getting excited about working with this surprising new pallet inspired by Norwegian nature.
Blue River is a deep and elegant blue tone. It is a clear colour, but also possesses the excellent characteristics of appearing elegant and comfortable in any interior. This color works with a variety of other colors and warmer tones.

Nordic Breeze is a perfect, light grey blue colour with a toned- down touch that  leaves a soothing and cool atmosphere in the room.
Norwegian Wood is a new brown nuance with reddish undertones that gives a unique warmth to it. A first association might be linking it to the ’70’s yet by keeping it very minimalistic in combination with natural materials like wood, metal and concrete give it a very modern look.

With this thrilling pallet on our minds, we are eager to show you what other brands have to offer this week and will keep you posted on the blog, Instagram and Stories. Stay tuned for more news live from Milano!


  1. Marjon April 5, 2017

    Ohhh… super mooi! Alleen die posters al

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