91f90a0f593fe4680175ae032ce5628cHello February! Let’s have a good time together!
And I am sure we will. This shortest month of the year will be full of installations and collaborations. So time management will be essential for the coming 28 days.
Can’t tell to much about it yet but we might have a very exiting project coming up with Jimmy Cricket & Pax and Hart. It’s worth a little wait.

The sleek design of the beautifully designed desk from Oeuf makes us want to start styling school going kids rooms. By now we know the elegance of this brand and are so happy with their launch of the Brooklyn desk.

Have you seen us being all 2016 on Snapchat? We totally revealed our age by needing some time to figure out this new species of social media. We would love some followers! So check it out on liveloudgirl1. We reveal behind the scenes on this social media channel every now and than so stay tuned!

With January just behind us, we can look back on a good start of the year which was filled with inspiration, a dreamy metropolitan installation and a fantastic Rolf Benz give away.  We showed how you can really give your home a fresh look with just a few new items. It worked out really well and we are a bit sad to see these beautiful items being carried out of my house again. However, we do know that they will be in good hands because CONGRATULATIONS @rachahallakphotography. You are the lucky winner!

A big thank you to everyone who joined and your comments. Hope to keep inspiring you all.

Now lets go and make the most of this short but sweet month!

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