It feels like I just came back from my last holiday and I am already packing for my next one. I can’t wait to travel to Bali on this family holiday. We will all be seeing the endless  rice fields of Ubud and my family will be seeing a lot of me on a Kate and Kate beach towel with my feet in the sand.

This holiday will also give me some great inspiration for all the upcoming projects. We have been working hard the last few weeks on some incredible designs. And I almost don’t dare to mention that even Xmas has been on the agenda.

A big thank you to all the blog friends out there that have shared our Fruity girls room, like Petit and Small. Such an honor.

The AW15 collection of Ferm Living did not remain unnoticed. We fell in love with the new plantbox and the quilted cushions. What are your favorites?

When I am back from this break, I will be working on my boys playroom at home. You will be seeing some old time favorites and definitely the paper storage bag with cute dots from Monpetitzoreol. For the last two years, the playroom has been quite a corner stone in our house and on this blog. Having said that, it has been the most transformed space in our house too.
If you want to see more of the transformations, check out these posts : 1 & 2.

I will be happy to take you along to Bali. Follow me to the beach and beyond on my  instagram account. Now first coffee for the last bits of work. I’m racing against the clock.



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