Sometimes small changes can make a big impact.
Just before the summer holidays kick off here, I wanted to fresh up our master bedroom. Without making it one of our projects, we want to show how we change the mood of this room with just a set of new crisp bedding and a quick and painless DIY #Ikeahack.

You know how we love beautiful textiles as it adds a sense of richness. We enjoy playing around with bedding and always have our seasonal favorites. Although we often work with bold colors in our projects and own kids rooms, for our own master bedroom we prefer using a very neutral color palette. And as temperatures are souring at the moment, cool, crisp, white bedding is what we require right now.

My new Purity set from Crisp Sheets is woven with a special technique to ensure the soft touch stays crisp, as if you just made your bed. The delicate structure just adds that something extra.

Together with this, I took the chance to do a DIY with my very loved IKEA lounge chair. Despite the fact that I know I am walking on thin ice when changing this Piet Hein Eek design, I felt that it could ‘pop’ some more. A coat of mat black spray paint was all the legs needed.

A new set of Crisp Sheets and a quick DIY can do a lot for a room.
For me it was about freshening up, getting into that summer mood.

Crisp Sheets bedding in the master bedroom
Crisp Sheets bedding in the master bedroom
Ikea hack
Crisp Sheets bedding in the master bedroom

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