A collaborative shoot is one of our own styling initiatives to highlight products and brands we love. It allows us to be innovative and creative guided by our own enthusiasm and Dutch spontaneity. We believe in the strength of combining different brands, products and players, from well known companies to upcoming creatives.

The starting point for this collaborative shoot was this gorgeous Krethaus Nido bed. The combination of natural alder wood, the high headboard and the clever boxes at the end make it a perfect bed for growing kids. The bed can be used for toddlers, and when removing the boxes, its perfect for bigger kids.
After the last two settings, a nursery and a girls’ room, we wanted to portray a gender neutral setting which could be an inspiration for a shared room.
By balancing out the color pallet and bringing in playful elements, it can work both ways making it really playful and unique.

We chose night blue and mustard yellow linen for the bedding. This powerful combination  from Numero 74, by Lidor, gives the room a more mature feel, the material is super soft and will probably make it difficult to get out of bed in the morning.
A navy flower throw by Garbo&Friends and a mix and match of cute cushions make it funky and cozy. By adding these items you can play around with color and the preferences of the kids. There are so many cool cushions out there, it’s almost too difficult to choose.

Bringing in a rug is always comfy for little feet. Even though this grid rug is pink, it’s not only destined for girls’ rooms. Like mentioned before, it’s combining different colors that make it work both ways.

A new product that we came across and absolutely fell in love with are these balloon lights on the wall. They give a lovely soft light and for us makes it an ideal product to finish off the room. They come in white, blue, green, yellow and pink so you can pick and choose and play around with the colors in the room.
We placed them against a grey wall, a soft and gender neutral color.

Are you interested in having your product star in a shoot like this? Please get in touch as we are always on the look out for something new.







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