Organising a collaborative shoot requires time and creativity. Of the first one we have too little, of the second one too much. Yet we managed to clear our agendas to try and create a setting that is original, inventive and inspirational. With no boundaries, no restrictions, ourselves as our client, a beautiful collection of small business brands and an empty garage as our studio, our imagination was set free.

With an eight year old girl in mind, we went though our wish list of brands that we wanted to work with. Some of them new, some of them golden oldies. The fun is pulling it all out, to set up something that works together.

We started with a bold blue base that we were introduced to during the Milan Design Week. Jotun’s  Blue River is a very fresh new color that is so versatile that it can be used for girls just as easy as for boys. We couldn’t wait to work with a color that had just walked off the catwalk.

Another big trend that is going on right now for walls and floors in Terrazzo. In Milan we came across it at brands like Normann Copenhagen and were determined to work with this. A monochrome touch can freshen things up and it obviously goes with anything.

To add a bit of that boho feel to our set, we brought in the ratan Bayron Bay Day Bed.  This versatile lounger would be perfect for a young girl to sleep in, giving her a funky yet very cozy piece of furniture. Finish this off with a monochrome sheet by Kate & Kate Home, fun stripy cushions from Noe & Zoe and some pastels by Mikanu and you are done! Don’t you love the pears? A beautiful new find on Instagram. We are certain that we will see more of those popping up. And we could not help bringing in an oldie but goodie from Lucky Boy Sunday.

Our general belief is that a girls room does not have to be pink yet the soft blush velvet Birdie by Hulsta Now! is the perfect touch to touch. It can be used as a stool or bedside table and is the perfect accessory for this space.
As you can never have enough velvet, we added two gorgeous blue floor cushions by Little Connoisseur to also show how well different shades of blue work together.

On Instagram we came across the Lappalainen mobile. We just instantly fell for the delicate metallic design and thought it would look fantastic in our set. And we were right. Both color and material wise this item brings together the different elements in the room.

The flying pigs fabric wall stickers by Sian Zeng had been on our wish list for a long time. They star next to Azul by Aro For Kids, a beauty you might have seen in our work before. Sometimes you need not more then something small on the wall to funk things up.   

To finish off our Cotton Candy Skies we needed some… cotton candy. Pops of soft color bring the set to life. Our imaginative eight year old girl is jumping on the bed and the child within us is joining her. Projects like these with partners like these make us hungry for more. So if you want to work together with us, get in touch. We would love to hear from you.





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