Live Loud Girl works together with clients who need guidance in styling their home. We take care of anything from a single (kids) room to an entire house, from design board to final installation. 

Last year just before summer we had the chance to go beyond the borders and get our hands dirty on a very exciting project. A new house that were to become a home for a family of five. The seven rooms were all projects on their own, allowing us to really get our creative juices flowing.

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Moodboard Jotun

Our last styling project before the summer last year was quite a special one. It has been our most shared, liked and reposted room yet.
As we always strive to grow and keep surprising, we would like to share our latest styling project with you. It’s not a room, it’s not a room and playroom, it’s a whole home! To make it even more exciting, we will be going across the border to do the installation. Yes, we will be soaking up some Saudi sun before going home on our big summer break.

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weekly moodboard

I have decided to share my weekly desk situation with you to give a little insight of what is happening at the Live Loud Girl HQ.

As I added the week number, number 40, it makes me think that we have only 12 more weeks this year. Gulp… There is still so much to do.
That is probably why the theme of this week is beautiful chaos. I have had too little time for the blog and many new projects coming in like the styling of a new shop, a window display and putting the last hand to our new house.

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