I’m thankful for nights that turned into mornings, friends that turned into family
and above all 
D R E A M S that turned into R E A L I T Y
– Live Loud girl
2014 was a very special year, were I had the opportunity to turn my hobby into my career. I’ve styled my first room, my first brand, gave my first interview and wrote my first blog post. T H A N K you to all the amazing brands and inspiring people I worked with.  I’m so looking forward to what 2015 will bring.
A special thanks to my amazing Live Loud girl partner for the past year, Marie, who gave me the spirit to follow my dream, to make what Live Loud girl is today and to support me with her creativity, inspiration and great friendship. She has decided to follow her heart and leave Live Loud girl for her dream job. You’re are an amazing woman and dear friend. xo


With the holiday season coming up you cannot get enough inspiration on how to decorate your home. That’s why I joined forces with my fellow Dubai bloggers Brookeeva, House of Hawkes and Bestof2sisters. Four bloggers from three different countries, all residents of one awesome city and with a shared passion for stylish interiors. The result was a great day with lots of Christmas products, inspiration and fun. One heck of a festive celebration.

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