Yesterday I spend some time changing the boys play space in the living room. I have the overwhelming desire to keep on changing the landscape of  the boy’s spaces. It doesn’t help that I keep on finding this cute stuff on Instagram & Etsy, like the Felt Foxes felt garlands.  And I wanted to create more space for the boys to get creative so we made this tiny desk on the wall. Now they can finally use the cool vintage mini casalino chairs which I found already over a year ago on Ebay. In reality the place is more a mess with toys everywhere, but it’s also cleaned and put back place quickly before bedtime. Enjoy the weekend!

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A merry Mishap (10)

I wanted to share with you an inspirational children’s room. I have a long list of children’s and homes that I admire and which inspire me. Let’s start with this one. This room is designed by A merry mishap’s Jennifer Hagler. It’s is playful but also clean and simple room. With limited color palette she creates a soothing environment for a busy family. I’m crazy about the coloring on the wall and the way she used the Ikea shelves for the books.

What do you think?

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I recently came across this label Groovy Magnets who created magnetic wallpaper with some beautiful black & white animal prints. An perfect alternative to the classic magnet board or if you don’t want to paint a wall. The large animal prints are ideal to hang drawings, photos and notes. An E Y E – C A T C H E R in every interior! xo

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