Australia is a super family-friendly travel destination. The scenery is next level impressive and you can enjoy the city perks and activities one day and a go for a surf or an outdoor adventure the next. Are you planning a trip to this end of the globe? Anouk, founder of @makehistoryco has done it and loved it.

Anouk is a Dutch concept designer, living in Singapore with her husband and 3 boys.
With her creative studio MAKE HISTORY she designs products that allow people to save their very best celebrations and memories in style. Her inspiration can come from anything and anywhere. She usually thinks of a concept first and then when hitting the drawing table she will get inspired by shapes, colors and materials. She loves working with passionate designers like TurinaStudio SijmMae EngelgeerFem Studio, Ivan Kasner and will soon reveal a collab with Manitou.
With her creative mind and eye she listed a few hotspots for us on her trip from Sydney to Byron Bay. All beautiful, kid friendly and highly inspirational.

To shop & do

Koskela – a huge (huge!), inspiring concept / interior design store with local brands.  Celebrity stylist Megan Morton’s ‘The School’ can be found on the Koskela premises as well. Check if there are any fun creative workshops you’d like to join while you’re in town.

Bangalow – Spend a morning or afternoon in this town. The trip up there is beautiful and there are some really nice shops and a nice coffee place (Like ‘Woods‘). We combined it with the Bangalow farmer’s market.

Pop & Scott – is interior heaven. Seriously it’s like the candy shop. I could only afford to take home two planter pots but if I ever win the lottery, it’s ALL comin’ home…

To eat

The Factory Grind – a lovely family run place with delicious coffee and a Mediterranean inspired menu.

Coogee Pavilion – or as the locals call it; ‘The Pav” is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner with the kids! You’ll slide into holiday mode the minute you walk in here. The place looks stunning without being over styled.

Bayleaf Café – it can be extremely busy during lunch, but they have the best coffee, hip vibe and mouthwatering food for breakfast and lunch!

Harvest – All is good and relaxed here. The kids love to play in the garden and the food is yum! The restaurant with a 5 course evening dinner is phenomenal, even with the kids (bring coloring books and a set of cards ;-)).

General Store – With a number of nice vegan options for breakfast and lunch, this is a beautiful meeting spot.

To Stay

The Lily Pad – an oasis just 5 minutes outside of town designed by two architects. We loved the beautiful garden with fruits, veggies and tropical flowers blossoming and large stretches of grass for the kids to play on.

Byron Beach Abodes – a boutique hotel which reflects the eclectic vibe of the area. Each property is individually designed, light with mouth watering interior decor.

Temple Farmhouse – an Airbnb option to brag about. Very private, very relaxing and extremely beautiful.

Photo credits @makehistoryco


Hotspots Holland

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