LiveLoudGirl030716_0014Just before the summer holidays we had the chance to work on a bed room for a 16 years young lovely lady. The project was so much fun and the photo’s are too good to not share, so here you go.
An amazing combination of fresh pink and lush palm trees combined in a very lady like way with some serious retro touches.

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LiveLoudGirl140316_0063Remember the post about the three girls and their whimsical wonderland?
We were lucky to also create a space for them to play, read and chill. This space was empty  with some cool yet challenging characteristics like a full glass window wall and a window sill size extra large.
Another challenge was that this playroom is for three girls of different ages and obviously we wanted to design something that would fulfill three dreams.

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LiveLoudGirl140316_0030 We have often mentioned how we love to start a design with a white canvas.
Well, our latest project was just that. A completely new home for a family with three girls and these little ladies will be sharing a room. We could not wait to get started!

We went in to create a white, wood and whimsical wonderland with a serious dose of pink.
The color and materials of the wooden floor created a beautiful combination with the exposed Jotun brick wall that we have worked with before, only this time in pink!

The two elder girls will be on one side of the room. Their queen size beds are both accompanied by a Kalon Studio stump with a retro mushroom night light. An eye catcher on this side are definitely the neon angel wings. What girl (big or little) would not want these in the room.

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LiveLoudGirl241215_0027 What better way to out 2015  with a bang! A gorgeous girlsroom styling project where we where challenged to add some dreamy drama to pastel tones and create a fairytale setting.

By now, you might have become familiar with our custom to start of with a good white base and we reached out to a bucket of Jotuns skylight white again. The perfect way to start a room that has natural light that needs to be enhanced. After this important first step we started adding a range of pastel colors and some soft, warm tones of grey and gold.

This little girl will definitely not sleep in just a bed. Her bed became the eye catcher of the room when we brought in the mexican hand made headboard. We love the way the dramatic headboard goes beautifully with the soft tones and delicate pattern of the Scallop Dots wallpaper. Don’t you just love the feathery feel of it?

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